My art

I am part of it ... Artbox Project Zürich 2020 ...

I am so proud that I dared to take this step ... I submitted the picture "Vision".

A few words about the picture:

I started surfing a few years ago and dream of being able to go surfing again every day. The lockdown made things a bit uncertain, but with this picture I feel like I'm in the sea and paddle, paddle, paddle .... Do you hear the waves and do you feel the joy?

I like to deal with the topic of surfing. I read magazines, inquire on the Internet. This brings me to new ideas ... such as this surf girl ->

Faces are fascinating. I start and am always surprised about the outcome. A single line can change the expression of the face in all directions ... 

Another passion of mine is abstract painting and mixed media. I still don't know exactly which direction to move ... I just try out what is very enriching and takes away any constraints that you may impose on yourself.

I love animals ... I love most cows as a motive. But I also love dogs. However I am currently working on different new pictures ... stay curious ...

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