My art

For each art work I sell, 10% will be donated to a sustainable project. My favorite projects are und Your choice for which one you would like to donate. 



In 2020 I was part of ... ...

I am so proud that I dared to take this step ... I submitted the picture "Vision".


A few words about the picture:

I started surfing a few years ago and dream of being able to go surfing again every day. The lockdown made things a bit uncertain, but with this picture I feel like I'm in the sea and paddle, paddle, paddle .... Do you hear the waves and do you feel the joy?


Vision ..., Acryl on canvas, 70x90, 06.2020, for sale -> via artsy link or contact me

I like to deal with the topic of surfing. I read magazines, inquire on the Internet. This brings me to new ideas ... such as this surf girl ->


Mixed media on paper


Surfgirl ... different pencil on paper, 05.2020


Faces are fascinating. I start and am always surprised about the outcome. A single line can change the expression of the face in all directions ... 




ixed Media

Another passion of mine is abstract painting and mixed media. I still don't know exactly which direction to move ... I just try out what is very enriching and takes away any constraints that you may impose on yourself.


I love animals ... I love most cows as a motive. But I also love dogs. However I am currently working on different new pictures ... stay curious ...